Our Company

With highly trained personnel and state of the art equipment, Arborman Tree Solutions is able to provide a professional product, designed to meet the needs of our clients.

Arborman Tree Solutions maintains a strong presence in South Australia assessing and managing trees on residential and commercial properties where we are regularly called upon to balance the requirements of the tree with the concerns and needs of the tree owner.

As Consulting Arborists Arborman Tree Solutions concentrates on providing a high quality solution based advice to both private and Government clients.

Arborman Tree Solutions has long term agreements with a number of Local Councils and Government organisations to provide specialised Arboricultural services and advice. Services include pest and disease management, tree survey and inventory, tree risk management, non-destructive root excavation and more.

Arborman Tree Solutions also provides an Expert Witness service that is in regular demand within the ERD Court for developments that involve significant and/or regulated trees.

Our fully trained staff will provide comprehensive tree protection and management advice on Regulated and Significant Trees to ensure your Development Approval is attained in the shortest time possible.