Development Consultancy

Preliminary Tree Assessment

Survey of trees within the site to provide advice on their condition and suitability for retention in relation to the future development, including assessment against relevant State and Federal Legislation. Arborman can identify trees warranting protection and those where removal is considered a more reasonable option.

Development Impact Reports

A comprehensive report on the impacts on tree condition in relation to the proposed development to determine the most appropriate management options and protection requirements to facilitate the development. Arborman is the most reliable name in supporting development planning.

Tree Protection Planning

Arborman provides advice and management to provide practical solutions to their clients to ensure tree protection conditions meet all requirements including those prescribed under the Australian Standard 4970-200 Protection of Trees on Development Sites.

Tree Selection & Planning

Arborman Tree Solutions can assist in the selection and installation of suitable trees that will compliment your development and meet environmental conditions. Arborman staff are trained in selecting and planting trees to meet environmental challenges such as water restriction and climate change.

Project Arborist

Arborman Tree Solutions can provide qualified Arborist to manage your project. This includes supervision of tree works and project management.


Veteran Tree Managment

Arborman Tree Solutions uses an integrated management plan for trees recognised as having significant historical, environmental and/or cultural value. Veteran Tree Management (VTM) looks to maintain the trees recognised environmental attributes whilst minimising risk.