Arboricultural Consultancy

Arborists Reports

Tree assessment by a qualified Arborist who will provide management advice and recommendations to maintain your tree in prime condition and minimise risk.

Vegetation Surveys and Audits

Survey of vegetation to comment on condition and management, compliance with regulatory requirements, infrastructure protection and biodiversity value.


Tree Management Planning

Independent management advice on the care and maintenance of your tree population. Recommended works and priority rating to assist in budgeting and allocation of resources.


Tree Valuations

Independent assessment of the value of a given tree or tree group to the community and environment. Tree valuations are undertaken using recognized industry approved systems and methodologies.

Urban Forestry

Services dedicated to assisting those who wish to implement the strategic management of green infrastructure. Services include the identification and assessment of tree populations to allow for the setting of strategic frameworks for the maintenance, protection and valuation of these assets thereby ensuring proactive management and planning of urban trees.


Arboricultural Impact Assessment

Arbormans Arboricultural Impact Assessment provides a service that predicts the environmental consequences (positive or negative) of a plan, policy, program or project prior to commencement action. Arborman can identify those management requirements to ensure the sustainable environmental benefits of a project.