Electrical Vegetation Compliance

Arboricultural Consultancy | Burnside, South Australia

Vegetation Clearance from Electrical infrastructure is regulated under the South Australian Electricity Act to ensure that the risk of fire and adverse impact to the environment is minimised. The Regulation (Principles of Vegetation Clearance) 2010 specifies complex clearance requirements determined by voltage, span length, wind speed and vegetation type. Arborman Tree Solutions was employed to ensure clearance of vegetation was compliant with the South Australian Electricity Act.


Arborman Tree Solutions undertook a random sample survey method to inspect Safety Compliance. Clearance requirement and reporting was determined using a relational data base. A Nikon 550 Rangefinder was also used to verify clearance.


Vegetation and electrical assets assessed were recorded in a comprehensive report provided to KPMG.

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  • Environmental Valuation
  • Re-vegetation