Risk Management

Resistograph Testing & Root Barrier Intallation

Resistograph testing can identify the structural integrity of a tree assisting in effective decision-making. Staff are training using the latest technology to analyze and map tree decay to provide evidence based decisions. Root barrier help provide a physical barrier between ground assets and tree roots.

Arboricultural & Open Space Risk Audits

Arborman Risk Management of trees is particularly important and frequently used open spaces such as schools and parks. Arborman uses both AS/NZS4360:2004 and HB246:2010 to manage tree risk. Each tree is assessed by staff trained and certified by the International Society of Arboriculture, and mapped using the latest GIS Software.


Habitat Impact Assesment

Removal of trees can lead to the degradation of habitat and injure wildlife protected under the Natural Resources Management Act. Wildlife can also present a risk to tree workers and the cost of not managing this risk can be costly. Arborman Tree Solutions provides services that identify and manage impacts. Arborman Tree Solution employ Environmental Management Staff who can facility minimise environmental risk.

School Tree Risk Assessments

Assessment of the tree population within the school and surrounds to identify at risk trees and provide independent management advice. Arborman uses both AS/NZS4360:2004 and HB246:2010 to manage risk. Arborman staff are certified by the International Society of Arboriculture and results communicated using the latest GIS mapping and information technology. Instant reporting provides facility managers to manage risk promptly whilst increased environmental awareness is communicated to stakeholders through a comprehensive tree management report.

Arboricultural Compliance Auditing

Arborman Tree Solutions trained staff provide comprehensive compliance audits to identify conformance with arboricultural policies and management plans. The service ensure that relevant standards, regulations and codes of practice are complied with by contractors and staff to manage tree populations and projects effectively.