Blackham – Humbug Scrub

Risk Management | Gawler, South Australia
CLIENTTrinity College

In response to the Sampson Flat Bushfires in 2015, Arborman Tree Solutions was asked to undertake a large Tree Risk Survey to assess trees within this fire affected region. The purpose of the assessment was to ensure fire affected vegetation did not pose a threat to users of the area and to provide information to ensure effective vegetation management.


Arborman Tree Solutions undertook a complete survey of the area including tracks and paths frequently used by students and staff. Trees were assessed using a Level 1 visual assessment method as recognised by the International Society of Arboriculture. Information was captured using Trimble GPS technology and mapped using the latest GIS software.


Vegetation survey areas were assessed and recorded. Vegetation identified as requiring removal or pruning was marked on site and these findings communicated to the client.

As part of the communication process Arborman Tree Solutions provided the client within an interactive map that could be utilised by the client anywhere on any device connected to the web, greatly improving communication between all stakeholders.

  • Tree Management Planning
  • Safety Risk Inspection

Thank you Marcus & your team once again for a very professional job. Thier planning care & work ethics carried out were exceptional.