Street Tree Audit

Risk Management | Adelaide City, South Australia
CLIENTAdelaide City Council

As part of their Tree Management Policy, Adelaide City Council undertook a Street Tree Audit of approximately 6500 street trees. Arborman Tree Solutions was engaged to identify and assess the trees in relation to their condition, retention value, risk rating and management requirements. The data was provided to Adelaide City Council in a format, ESRI, which was suitable for direct loading into their Asset Management System


Arborman utilised Trimble technology and GPS Pathfinder software to collect tree data and process into the required format for input into the Adelaide City Council Asset Management System. The information was provided to Council on time and under budget.


Approximately 6500 trees were surveyed over a five week period collecting the required data fields and accurate GPS locations.

  • Tree Management Planning
  • Tree Auditing
  • Risk Management