Melia Succession Audit

Arboricultural Consultancy | Mitcham, Adelaide, South Australia
CLIENTCity of Mitcham

Arborman Tree Solutions carried out an audit of all Melia azedarach (White Cedar) population within the City of Mitcham to determine their management requirements and to assist in the implementation of appropriate replacement regimes.


Arborman Tree Solutions utilised Trimble technology and GIS software to collect tree data and map trees identified within the project streets. The requirement of the project was to undertake assessments using recognised methodologies and best practices to manage the Melia population and to implement a programmed replacement scheme.


A Tree Management Report was provided for each street surveyed highlighting the trees that require ongoing management and those with a surpassed Useful Life Expectancy. Each tree was identified on an interactive map for use by council staff and other stakeholders.

  • Vegetation and Survey Audit
  • Tree Auditing