Oaklands Rail Exchange

Risk Management | Oaklands Park, South Australia
CLIENTDPTI Project Delivery and Asset Maintenance

As part of the management of tree risk within DPTI properties, a Tree Risk Assessment was undertaken at Oaklands Rail Exchange. Arborman Tree Solutions was engaged to identify and assess the trees in relation to the risk they posed to users of the site and to identify suitable management options. Having undertaken this work, a Development Impact Report was produced to assist in the management of the trees within this site.


Arborman Tree Solutions utilised Trimble technology and GIS software to collect tree data and map trees identified within the project footprint. Once assessed this data was reviewed to identify risk and provide appropriate management options. The information was promptly provided to DPTI allowing management to respond effectively.


A Tree Risk Management Report was provided detailing the risk rating, recommended works and location of each tree.

  • Tree Management Planning
  • Risk Management
  • Environmental Valuation